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Stump Removal

Stump Removal

Stump removal is one of the most difficult and stressful projects you can undertake as a homeowner. Make it easy by calling Jacksonville Tree Service Pros for all your tree needs in Jacksonville. Stump removal in Jacksonville, St Augustine & St Johns County. We do it all, and provide the tools and knowledge you need to tackle your next project!

We know what it takes to get the job done right. Our advanced equipment and techniques deliver fast results for both residential and commercial customers alike. We offer top-notch stump removal services at competitive prices, and you can trust our highly trained crews to get the job done right.

Saving our customers money and hassle has been a priority since the beginning of our company. Our Jacksonville tree service pros provide expert stump removal that not only gets rid of those unsightly trees but leaves your yard properly cleaned up as well.

Stump Removal Made Easy

Stump removal is one of those rare businesses with a bad reputation and the reality is Stump Removal in Jacksonville doesn’t have to be this way. Stumps can be removed quickly, safely, and without destroying your yard or anyone else’s property. Stump Removal in Jacksonville is a specialty business, and Stumps should be removed properly.

Stump removal Jacksonville has the knowledge to get rid of Stumps without leaving a hole or scarring your yard. Stump removal experts also know how to safely and correctly handle dangerous stumps left behind by hurricanes. While it is true that Stumps can be removed both manually and with machinery, these methods are not only expensive but can damage your property if done incorrectly.

Get all your tree needs from one company

Jacksonville Tree Service Pro is one of the premier Tree Service companies in Jacksonville, NC. With years of experience, we guarantee you high-quality service at affordable prices. You can either request tree trimming or call them to remove a tree.

All trees need proper maintenance from time to time as it is part of their development process. When you hire our services, we will do all the needed duties for your trees like trimming and removing stumps.

Stump removal is a specialized service so make sure you’re getting the best. Stump Removal Jacksonville, NC offer to remove stump and tree for an affordable price. Stump removal does not take long and it is a major expense saver. Stumps are not environmentally friendly so they need to be removed as soon as possible. Stumps can also be a tripping hazard so if you want to avoid any problems with your Stump Removal Jacksonville NC, contact them today!

If you need stump removal Jacksonville services, Jacksonville Tree Service Pros will help you out. Take care of this investment as trees are very important for the environment.

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We are a certified tree service company in Jacksonville, NC that specializes in trimming and maintaining trees for residential homes and commercial properties. If you are looking for effective and efficient tree services in the Jacksonville area, then contact us today!

Our fully trained and insured arborists use state-of-the-art technology to provide thorough residential tree care that helps your trees live longer. We are committed to keeping our customers’ properties in excellent condition by providing professional experience and techniques for all of their three services.

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Top 5 FAQs about stump removal

Stump removal refers to the process of removing a tree stump or roots left behind after a tree has been removed from the ground. A stump grinder will loosen most stumps, enabling them to be pulled out with a rope and other equipment.

Top-dressing yards often require that all stumps are removed; others who have landscaped frequently use landscapers who specify that no stump should remain behind when job is complete. Homeowners can also benefit from the removal of tree stumps, especially in areas where landscaping or grassy areas are being established.

Factors such as size, moisture content, and soil type will impact the removal time. A common stump may take more than an hour to remove by hand with a shovel; backhoes can also be used.

The cost of stump removal varies significantly depending upon the size and location. Landscapers usually charge a per-hour rate for this service, so you can determine an approximate fee by measuring the diameter of the stump in inches.

The size of the equipment will depend on the stump’s size. A homeowner might use a shovel, while a landscaper may rent a backhoe for larger jobs. Removing smaller stumps with hand tools can take hours, and large stumps can be difficult to access in order to effectively chop them up into small pieces that can be removed easily.